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Pharmacy Packages

Pharmacy Packages

Dawaiwala provides a variety of comprehensive solutions designed to empower and ease the process of owning and maintaining a profitable pharmacy. From location research and pharmacy licencing to inventory procurement and marketing tactics, our packages include everything you need to get started. Each package is carefully created to meet a variety of budgetary needs and corporate objectives. Dawaiwala provides a package geared to your needs, whether you're a seasoned professional or new to the field of pharmacy. We understand how difficult it is to become a successful pharmacy owner, and our packages are designed to offer you with the support, resources, and expertise needed to survive in the competitive healthcare business. Join us and choose the package that aligns with your vision for accessible and quality healthcare in your community.

All Dawaiwala packages feature a core set of key services meant to supplement your pharmacy's capabilities. These services include 24/7 customer service for inquiries, AI-based diet consultations for personalised nutrition advice, the implementation of Electronic Health Records (EHR) for efficient data management, Telemedicine Consultation capabilities for remote healthcare access, the organisation of Health Camp events to engage the community, and access to IoT devices for health monitoring and data collection. These core services ensure that your pharmacy is at the forefront of modern healthcare, providing convenience and complete support to your valued consumers across all Dawaiwala packages.

Dawaiwala Basic Package - 4 Lac

Our Dawaiwala Basic Package is the perfect starting point for budding entrepreneurs looking to establish a foothold in the healthcare industry. This package includes all of the resources you'll need to get started in the world of pharmacy ownership. The Dawaiwala Basic Package provides you with the resources you need to start your pharmacy endeavour safely, with an emphasis on price and core assistance.

Dawaiwala Premium Package - 5.5 Lac

The Dawaiwala Premium Package is ideal for those seeking a more substantial presence in the healthcare market. This package provides you with access to a comprehensive choice of pharmaceutical products, allowing you to serve a larger consumer base. Aside from the necessities, the Premium Package provides you with resources to expand your inventory and suit the diverse demands of your community.

Dawaiwala Advance Package - 6.5 Lac

The Dawaiwala Advance Package combines the essentials with advanced features, setting you up for success. This package combines core components with advanced capabilities in a smooth manner, providing you with a comprehensive arsenal for success. The Advance Package, in addition to a considerable inventory, provides you with tools to recruit and serve a bigger customer base, setting your pharmacy for growth and profitability.

Dawaiwala Plus Package - 9.5 Lac

The Dawaiwala Plus Package elevates your pharmacy ownership experience by providing additional benefits that improve efficiency and service quality. This package includes, in addition to a detailed inventory, security systems to secure your assets and an inverter & battery configuration to assure uninterrupted services to your community. You can manage your pharmacy effectively and deliver solid healthcare solutions with the Plus Package.

Dawaiwala Exclusive Package - 25 Lac

The Dawaiwala Exclusive Package is the ideal solution for ambitious entrepreneurs with big dreams and a commitment to providing complete healthcare services. This bundle has a large inventory, allowing you to develop a major healthcare presence in your area. The Exclusive Package, with a significant investment in medicines and resources, enables you to offer a comprehensive range of pharmaceutical products and services, positioning your pharmacy as a cornerstone of great healthcare in your region.

Furthermore, our Pharmacy Franchise Packages include a variety of important equipment and services that are suited to your specific package. Refrigerators, CCTV systems, computers, interior design, marketing support, medical equipment, Janchwala services, and other products are included. The particular equipment and services given are determined by the package you choose, providing you have the resources you need to establish and run your pharmacy successfully.

You're not just establishing a business when you choose a Dawaiwala Franchise Package; you're also joining a network of healthcare experts dedicated to making quality healthcare accessible to all. Your journey as an entrepreneur commences at this very moment.